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Site Balance Solution

TraceAir provides teams on large land development projects
with the tools to balance their jobs with the least amount of resources

TraceAir for Geotechnical Engineers

TraceAir allows you to bring new value-added services to clients helping you increase profits and win more projects

Balance Problems Hinder Your Business

Sampling is insufficient to predict dirt behavior accurately

Project team often blames
the soil engineer for incorrect bulk/shrink coefficients

Historical bulk/shrink data from
other sites may not be applicable
to a particular job

Site balance issues often lead
to rework

Take Part in the Balance Solution

Bring a new,
more accurate way of balance calculation 

Provide new services, like build
and update remedial models,
proposed and as-built

Train your field people to fly drones, offer new services to the client,
and make more profit 

Additional TraceAir Features
For Geotechnical Engineers

Use our slope analysis tools to check ground stability
from your desk

Improve communication
between the office
and the field

Measure elevation
on up-to-date surface model
without going to the field

What our Clients Say

"I didn’t know TraceAir a year ago and now I can’t imagine any large projects without it."

Andy Price | President | Leighton and Associates

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Case Study

How Pardee Homes balanced 
a 27MM yd³ jobsite to just 20K yd³
using TraceAir


Bring TraceAir to your Project

Contact us to know more about the TraceAir solution and how it can benefit your operations.
Call us at (650) 569 0309 
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