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Site Balance Solution

TraceAir provides teams on large land development projects
with the tools to balance their jobs with the least amount of resources
TraceAir allows you to be on top of the site balance, finish the project on time and save on the contingency budget. 

TraceAir for Land Developers

Site Balance, Revolutionized

Old Way

Mainly Manual and Takes Forever

New Way

Automated and Near Real-Time

  1. Collect data: manual or semi-automated

  2. Process and analyze the data: manual

  3. Refine the query: back and forth

  4. Make decisions: days to weeks 

  1. Collect data: automated

  2. Process and analyze the data: semi-automated​

  3. Refine the query: during the meeting

  4. Make decisions: hours

How it Works


Set up your flight markers
and scan the site

Scan your site as frequently
as you need to capture the progress of construction.


Upload project data

Upload drone data, design grades, remedial models, plans (civil, geotech, environmental), and markers to get a new level of insights.


TraceAir automatically compares the plan to actual picture to provide insights and tools to estimate, plan, and track progress.

Get a live map overnight

Complete Site Balance Solution

The balance solution requires multiple components,
some of which TraceAir provides and the others may be provided
by your current team members

Core Technology

TraceAir has a unique 54-step
process that allows to achieve
and verify accuracy down
 to 1/10th of a foot


Field Operations

We are here to help you get your flight markers set up and properly maintained by your surveyors
or grading contractors


Cloud-Based Platform

Keep all site balance related data online and available from any device 
at any time to make instant decisions and keep the team updated


Responsive Support

Our customer success and technical support teams are here to answer assist you at any time

noun_Airport handler_1212956_edited.png

Drone Operations


We help your team set up your drone and provide the pilot with the required training & tools to have you flying the site in no time

noun_Office worker_1198738_edited.png

Consulting Services

We assist your consultants
in using the new data
to solve balance issues 


Quality Assurance
& Quality Control

We conduct QA/QC on both
drone topos and balance calculations to ensure that you can rely
on the data

noun_construction worker_1212952_edited.

3D Design Surface

We use the GPS model from your grading contractor or build the
3D surface from the 2D drawings provided by your engineers



TraceAir precisely tracks
how much dirt has been moved
and calculates bulk/shrink coefficients after every drone scan

noun_desk worker_1198740_edited.png

3D Remedial Model

We collaborate with your geotechnical engineers to build a proposed remedial model for quantity estimates


with CAD

Your engineers can get drone topos
in the formats to easily use in their CAD software


Remedial As-Built Model

We take the remedial as-built model from your consultants as an input
or build it from sub-ex bottom shots taken by your surveyor/contractor

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What our Clients Say


"TraceAir allows us to evaluate important site balance issues early on in the each of the grading phases; remedial, canyon clean outs, cut slope bulk shrink characterization,
so that timely and efficient adjustments can be made."

Tom Banks | VP of Development | FivePoint


Case Study

How Pardee Homes balanced 
a 27MM yd³ jobsite to just 20K yd³
using TraceAir


Bring TraceAir to your Project

Contact us to know more about the TraceAir solution and how it can benefit your operations.
Call us at (650) 569 0309 
or fill in the form and we will call you back

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